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Creating Predictability and Acts of Service

Slowed by offseason knee surgery Authentic Deion Sanders Jersey , Albert Pujols has finally returned to first base and begun work on his fielding this week.

"He looked fine, he was moving to the bag well," Mike Scioscia said "He's a terrific first baseman, so he's not that far away from where he needs to be. I think it's an important first step for him to get out there and play a little defense."

Pujols has been working hard to get himself back on the field.

"He took an aggressive practice today as far as taking ground balls," Scioscia said.

BJ Upton Returns Delivers Walk Off Single - RealGM Wiretap

After being held out of two straight games because of his struggles this season Authentic Chuck Howley Jersey , B.J. Upton returned to the Braves and delivered a walk-off single on Saturday against the Nationals.

Upton had two hits in the game. There has been talk that Atlanta might ask him to work out his issues in the minor leagues.

He was hitting only .145 at the start of the game. The two hits raised his average by eight points.

"B.J. came up with a huge hit at the end," Tim Hudson said. "I know it's something he can be proud of and so are we.

"Everybody knows how hard he's been working to try to get things back on track. Hopefully this is just a small sign of things to come. Everybody is really happy for him and it was exciting to see."

Yasiel Puig Could Be Out Until The Postseason - RealGM Wiretap

The first time Yasiel Puig strained a hamstring, he missed 38 games. When he suffered essentially the same injury to the other hamstring, his right, a few months later on Aug. 27 Authentic Chaz Green Jersey , the Dodgers had just 36 games left in their schedule

On Friday, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly admitted the team is uncertain whether Puig would return by the end of the regular season.

Puig traveled to Arizona on Friday to begin the lengthy process of rehabilitating his hamstring.

What is, How to & Tips | Giving From the Inside Out (part 2) In part one of Psychological Benefits of Holiday Gifts we discovered, with the help of Bernadette Dimitrovs research, how giving builds and deepens relationships and helps us express our feelings of gratitude. In this segment we will explore two more benefits of gift giving: Creating Memories as a symbol of our love and Creating Predictability with the ritual of giving. These benefits work closely with Dr. Gary Chapmans Love Languages as well.

Create Memories and Quality Time

Creating memories for the holidays may be in decorating the Christmas tree Authentic Randy Gregory Jersey , pictures of family fun, or simply special moments. Christmas decorating could be one of your traditions that correlate with remembering and discussing memorable Christmas tree ornaments as you place them on the Christmas tree with your loved ones.

In The Five Love Languages, Dr. Chapman discusses Words of Appreciation as a Love Language. With quality time as a strong contender, this love language is not about words of love and appreciation necessarily, but about proximity. It is about having the undivided focus and attention of the person you love. This person would probably enjoy games or puzzles wrapped under the decorated Christmas tree. You could customize to their interests making sure the need for one on one or group time is met.

My husband and I have decided that planning and going on special trips together and creating those memories take the pressure off of Christmas shopping for each other. One of our trips was to the island of Kauai the week before Christmas. We were to arrive home the day before Christmas eve knowing that guests would be arriving Christmas eve. Our redeye flight arrived in LA bright in early with a connecting flight leaving at 6 a.m. to arrive home leaving plenty of time to unpack and finish decorating the Christmas tree (a job hazard when always doing it for others). Unfortunately Authentic Byron Jones Jersey , our flight was delayed and our seats reassigned with not another flight in any airline leaving until late that evening. Luckily we both go with the flow and decided to rent a car for the 6 Hour Drive home.

In Kauai, we had kayaked to a remote waterfall, took a catamaran to the forbidden Island, Scuba Dived and went on an amazing helicopter ride that made me cry with the sheer beauty of the island. After all of that, our six-hour drive home had to be counted as one of my favorite memories for that trip.

Having said that Authentic Jack Crawford Jersey , arriving home I went into hyper mode to be ready for guests. I dont know that I will pull that stunt again, at least not that close to the holidays, especially with out-of-town guests involved! But in the end, I did discover what makes the holiday special for me and that was quality time with my loved one.

Creating Predictability and Acts of Service

Did you know that the decorated Christmas tree, the Christmas wreaths on the door and even the fresh bows on the fireplace mantel create predictability? We all love the comfort of predictability; especially children as it gives them a sense of security. Through the predictable act of giving Authentic Benson Mayowa Jersey , especially at birthdays and Christmas celebrations, experiences of being appreciated, acknowledg.



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