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Dale Weise Jersey

It is not my desire to burst anyones comfort bubble. The reason I included my injuries are so others can learn from them. Actually less than 1 actually is injured. When you do get hurt Jaromir Jagr Jersey , it s either bad luck or inexperience. Sometimes it might be fighting too much and not resting or like me jumping the gun thinking, I was ready. My goal has been and still is to encourage not discourage. I am trying to give data so you can make an informed decision and unfortunately, that may mean popping the comfort bubble. It is my hope however that this becomes a band aid and patches the bubble. I have tried to remain balanced in my writing and if all I did was, write the positive and something negative happened you would be upset and ask why leave that out Jakub Voracek Jersey , as it would have helped to know the good and the bad and not sugar coating it.

Men like Ric Flair or Ricky Steamboat have given 35 yrs to this sport. Hulk Hogan 20 plus years and The Undertaker 17yrs. Therefore, when a person like me who was 10 yrs in thinks about hanging up the boots it often followed with very tough questions. Why would you give up now? The answer is not always easy or clear. I could be a result of injury. It might be that wrestling is no longer fun. It could be you want to try something new. Maybe you are just tired and need a break. Whatever the reason it may only be a temporary leave. In todays sports entertainment World Superstars retire and UN retire all the time. The call of one more match is hard to improve and even harder to say NO. As with anything, the opportunities arise and are very tempting.

If you left due to injury then it is up to the Doctor to clear you to fight. He says NO then problem solved. It generally is his word is law. If you have a good relationship with your doctor, it should not be a problem. In independent and small federations Ivan Provorov Jersey , it is your responsibility to provide your own medical care. In my experience, the doctor takes your best interest to heart and makes the right call. In addition, if he says No there are ways to keep involved without fighting. It may require asking and looking or it might fall into your lap. Either way it is good to keep the door open and have the option or options to fall back on.

If you left because it is no longer fun, ask yourself WHY? Was it the promotion? Was there a co worker that upset you? Although it is hard to believe Eric Lindros Jersey , there is life beyond Brand X and more then one Federation. It may be harder these days as less independents seem to operate but good things come to those who wait.

You need a break. Okay you did two shows every weekend for the summer and worked out religiously. Here its fall and the wear tear and damage to your body is such that a break sounds great. Talk to your promoter the majority of the time they appreciate honesty and do not want to lose you to long term injury or worse. A career change is popular. Going on TV or Movies is big. So go on and never look back. A few have gone and come back. Whatever the decision keep communication open and be honest with yourself and the promoter. Knowing you have a home to come back to can make things easier. We all have the urge to leave the nest. Wrestlings nest is unique in there always is a place for you to comeback to. Maybe not your home federation, maybe your home fed sometimes there is no place like home. Temporary leave is easiest to comeback from. Wrestlers have left to start a family or other personal reasons. They may fall in as Commentators or make appearances elsewhere. Even in the rough financial times, there is work.

Ok so after you set your pros and cons and decide its time to comeback then what do you do. It is not like Wal Mart or McDonalds, Federations are not everywhere and even when you find one the Roster may be full. There is no guaranteed entrance. Be prepared to hear NO or Sorry not now. Make sure that you are ready to comeback. When you do decide return to the gym and remember it has been a while. Do not jump into it or act as if you never left. Take it slow Dave Schultz Jersey , easy and one day at a time. Work into and up to your past level. Take into account that you are older, slower and not in top condition. Your workout should be like your Wrestling, it should be fun. Try working out with friends or maybe even other Wrestlers. If you do, train alone set small easy attainable goals. Then slowly make them challenging but keep them realistic and doable.

If you get discouraged or let yourself down you will just want to give up or quit. When you fall into routine things will be easier and feel like old times. When you have given yourself time to get into shape more then a week Dale Weise Jersey , it has been at least a month, giving time to re grow muscle. Then approach the Federation about returning if during your time off they went out of business find a group operating and ask to join. You will then once accept spend time training with them. You can expect to be a little rusty at first. A couple of bumps and bruises you will be good as new. Again, take it slow and work into it gradually. When they decide you are ready, begin building new memories and dreams. Leave past in the past and move forward. There is no reason to relive the past you have grown and changed so must your character. I said before changing or updating your gimmick is very easy to do. All the stars left and came back use a mix of old and new gimmick. There is always the chance to grow and make changes never sell yourself short or close your mind. Also Claude Giroux Jersey , be prepared for things to be stressful. Ideas and plans do not always necessarily work, as we would like them to. Be flexible and willing to do whatever it takes to please the audience and your promotion.



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