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The Red Sox have acquired Joel Hanrahan from the Pirates.

Pirates Reportedly Getting Sands Pimentel From Red Sox - RealGM Wiretap
The Red Sox have acquired Joel Hanrahan from the Pirates.

According to a report … rsey-c-17/ , Pittsburgh will receive outfielder Jerry Sands and right-hander Stolmy Pimentel in the deal. Other players are expected to be involved as well.

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Article From Article Directory Database Cubs Acquire Giovanni Soto From Indians - RealGM Wiretap

The Chicago Cubs have acquired Giovanni Soto from the Cleveland Indians in exchange for cash considerations.

The Indians designated Soto for assignment last week.

Chicago had space on their 40-man roster after placing Kyle Schwarber on the 60-day disabled list.

Soto, 24, was a 24th-round draft pick of the Detroit Tigers in 2009.

锘? Once again one of the great brand names of High Tech has been prominently in the news, for disconcerting reasons (if you're a fan or shareholder … rsey-c-37/ , anyway). This time it's Novell, Inc. A couple of weeks ago Novell announced that they are to lay off 1000 people, roughly 20% of their workforce. Certainly not a minor reduction, and not the first of its kind for this former industry stalwart.

This company holds a special place in my memory. In the early 90's the Novell name was synonymous with Networking. The company was a pioneer in Corporate Networking, and played a major role in helping to create this market as we now know it. When I entered this market in 1990, the company's core product, NetWare … rsey-c-41/ , held a commanding 70%+ market share in the networking software space, which was already very large at the time, and growing at a rapid rate. It was in this environment that I began my first general management position, starting up a systems and network management software business. Netware being the dominant NOS at the time, I got a very close look at the company's activities, and some of the decisions and events that began Novell's long decline. Novell is still a $1B company, but in terms of power and prominence … rsey-c-15/ , they are a shadow of the company I kept a close eye on in the 90s. It appears they are spiraling down toward a possible finish. The speculation is that they will become an acquisition candidate very soon, which could lead to the venerable Novell brand fading from view.

So what caused the unfortunate change in fortunes for this former industry high-roller?

It's a familiar story, actually, especially for those of you who are regular readers. The Novell story is particularly interesting, because several factors, each one itself capable of wreaking havoc on a solid company, came together to put this company into a long nosedive.


The first problem was what I call "Microsoft-itis". Novell became very successful on the back of its flagship NetWare platform … rsey-c-25/ , which drew the attention of Microsoft. Microsoft tends to become unhappy when any other software company grows too big, too fast. The upstart is then viewed as a potential threat in Redmond, as well as the fact that the market this other company has helped grow now becomes large enough to be attractive to MS. So the first problem was getting in the gun sight of Microsoft. Now, it's hard to blame the company for this, it's more of a side effect of success. This situation has caused problems for many a company, and is enough unto itself to throw a large majority of companies off their game. To have Microsoft target you is quite disconcerting, and if you don't make the right decisions … rsey-c-12/ , you may be in serious trouble. How a company reacts to this challenge is critical, and in truth, often life or death.


Unfortunately, in some cases, being targeted by Microsoft sometimes builds a company up in its own view. It's almost a baptism into the big-time. Microsoft is worried about us; we're a peer to them now! We must really be smart! This leads to a false sense of security about the company's .



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