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BEIJING Old Skool Checkerboard , Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- The Asia-Pacific region is expected to continue driving world economic growth and protect free trade at a time when nations are grappling with how to manage economic globalization.

Accounting for about 60 percent of global gross domestic product, the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) makes up nearly half of world trade and 40 percent of the population on the Earth.

The 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting will kick off on Thursday in Vietnam's central Da Nang city.

In a world of growing interdependence, APEC leaders are pondering the way forward to tackle challenges to economic globalization.

Since the beginning of this year, against the backdrop of a series of Black Swan events - such as Brexit - anti-globalization sentiment and protectionism have been on the rise, frustrating attempts to lessen the divides brought by globalization.

To restore confidence, China has firmly voiced its stance that building a Free Trade Area in the Asia-Pacific is a strategic initiative critical for the long-term prosperity of the region and the world.

Economic globalization has promoted trade and brought tangible growth to the Asia-Pacific region in the past several decades Old Skool Womens , lifting tens of millions of people out of poverty and turning it into a growth engine for the whole world.

While underlining achievements of economic globalization, the international community should be aware that it may lead to a widening wealth gap if inappropriately handled.

The world should guide the direction and seek to achieve a re-balance of economic globalization in order to allow people from across the world to benefit from common development.

A transparent, non-discriminative, open and inclusive multilateral trade regime will definitely help accelerate this process.

To this end, China has made a major push by proposing the Belt and Road Initiative, an inclusive cooperation platform to improve trade links among involved countries across the globe.

Aiming to build an open economy Old Skool Mens , ensure free and inclusive trade, while at the same time opposing all forms of protectionism, the initiative matches the development strategies of APEC nations, and together with the concept of building a community of shared future for mankind to build confidence at a time when economic globalization has encountered some setbacks.

APEC was born in late 1980s when globalization and regional economic integrity started to accelerate.

Given the challenges and setbacks, now is the time for this dynamic engine to remind the world to safeguard the multilateral trade regime and open economies.

BEIJING, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- French girl Sarah Bousquet will start her first job in China by the end of August. When asked how she would keep contact with relatives and friends at home Old Skool , she said WeChat can help.

Developed by Chinese Internet giant Tencent in 2011, instant messaging application WeChat also has payment service and semi-overt "Peng You Quan" or Moments, a platform for posting microblogs but being more private than Facebook.

"All my family use WeChat and so do some of my friends." She told Xinhua WeChat is not so popular in France but her friends want to use it for her, because on it they can chat and follow her daily life in China.

In fact, it has been two years since Bousquet opened her WeChat account. She is part of the app's huge customer base of over 938 million active users in China and abroad.

People in Chinese mainland are surely the first customers of WeChat. Especially for those who work, study or travel abroad Vans Old Skool Velcro , WeChat provides a vital link with their beloved at home.

In 2016, 544,500 Chinese left home to study abroad, according to China's Ministry of Education. Along with them, Chinese images, cash flows and much-loved apps like WeChat also go abroad.

"When I was once assigned with a group task with four Chinese and two South Korean students Vans Old Skool Sale , the two Koreans suggested using WeChat instead of Kakaotalk, a local social platform," Zhang Fangfei, a Chinese student in Pusan National University (PNU) of South Korea, told Xinhua.

Given a large quantity of Chinese students in PNU, Zhang's fellows soon found WeChat favorable when doing teamwork with Chinese. "After that Vans Old Skool Shoes , they joined the active users of the Chinese app," the Chinese girl said.

Foreigners studying or working in China in recent years download the app in their phones as naturally as they start learning how to use chopsticks.

Yannick Benichou, 34, became a WeChat user shortly after he came to work in China in 2012. He is now a much more active user even than his Chinese wife.

"I made all my family in France use the app, at least 15 members, including my grandparents who are 85 and 88 years old Vans Old Skool Checkerboard ," said Benichou, who worked in Handan, Shanghai and now lives in the southern Chinese city of Kunming.

As a father of two kids, Benichou loves to share his happy life with his French family via WeChat's "Peng You Quan."

The app is very convenient when it comes to paying for daily consumption, making an appointment with a doctor and even riding a shared-bike on the street.

"It's easy and fun to use," Benichou added. He once shared a picture of his parents' avatars generated by MYOTee Vans Old Skool Womens , a Chinese cartoon avatar maker in fashion in 2014. The senior couple's faces looked like comic cats in that picture.

WeChat team confirmed in August, 2016, that the overseas version of the app has more than 80 million users by then, most of whom were mapped in Asian countries or had business ties with the oriental country.

French girl Lison Leonetti told Xinhua that during her first two visits to China in 2013 and 2015, she only used WeChat's messaging function. This year, she can enjoy its payment service with a Chinese credit account.

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