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HAVANA air max 2017 sale online , March 16 (Xinhua) -- The Cuban boxing team, known as "Domadores" (Tamers), is stepping up its training for the match against the United States "Knockouts", in the semifinal of the fourth World Series of Boxing (WSB).

The Cuban Boxing Federation announced that two boxers per division will participate in the match against the United States to be held in Miami on March 28.

Heavyweight Erislandy Savon, WSB No. 1 ranked boxer, leads the Cuban team.

Savon has obtained five victories and leads the 91-kg division with 747 points, the highest ranking among the WSB participants.

The Cuban team also includes Yosbani Veitia (49kg) air max sale online , Marcos Forestal (56kg), Yasniel Toledo (64kg) and Ramon Luis (75kg).

Light flyweight Veitia leads the 49kg category with 737 points, as well as Luis, leader of the 75kg category also with 737 points.

With 28 points, the highest score in WSB, Domadores was defeated for the first time last Wednesday, by the Russian team in Moscow nike air max 2018 sale outlet , during Group B's last match of the qualification round.

Two weeks ago, Cuban local news site Cubasi ( said Cuban Pedro Roque is the coach of the American team, who had led the island's team in Beijing 2008 and for several years he led the Cuban youth team.

Roque called 10 men in the U.S. team, including two foreign boxers such as Chinese Lu Bin (49kg) and Dominican light welterweight Carlos Adames, who won bronze medal in the Pan-American championships last year.

The U.S. official playroll also include Stephen Fulton (56kg), Caleb Plant (75kg) and Joshua Temple (91kg).

Substitute boxers of the U.S. team include Puerto Rican Anthony Chacon (49kg), Guatemalan Juan Reyes (56kg) nike air max 2017 sale outlet , light welterweight U.S. Nicholas Jefferson, Ecuadorian Marlo Delgado (75kg) and U.S. cruiserweight Earl Newman.

This will be the first time that Cuba and U.S. will face in a team-fight competition in round-trip matches, in semi-professional five-round fights.

The last time Cuba met the U.S. boxing team was in 2006 Azerbaijan World Cup, where the island won 11-0.

After the Miami match, Domadores and Knockouts will face again on April 4 in the second leg match in the Coliseum of Havana's Sports City.

The winner will face the winner of Ukraine and Russia.

by xinhua writer Liu Chang

BEIJING, July 6 (Xinhua) -- For almost a decade since the birthof the Group of 20 (G20) mechanism in 1999, it only gatheredfinance ministers and central bankers nike air max sale outlet , and served only as asupplement to the Group of Seven bloc, an exclusive club of wealthynations dominated by Western powers.

It has all changed when the United States and some Europeancountries found it hard to withstand merely by themselves the tidalwaves of the 2008 global financial tsunami.

Therefore, they had to join the developing world and expand theconsultative body to a platform for leaders of the world's majorcountries to negotiate ways to arrest the adversities of thefinancial crisis and to rationalize global economic governance.

As this year's G20 summit will be held later next week inHamburg, Germany, the evolution of the summitry over the past yearshas reflected the fact that the West-led world order that hasexisted for more than 200 years needs to be refashioned.


When the Cold War ended, many political and business elites inthe West used to assume that the Western style democratic politicalsystem combined with free market economy could be mankind'sultimate form of governance, or in the words of U.S. politicalscientist Francis Fukuyama "the end of history."

Yet the so-called "liberal world order" they have taken forgranted in the post-war period seems to be unraveling before theireyes.

Martin Wolf air max 2018 sale outlet , chief economics commentator at the Financial Times,wrote that "the hopes of a brave new world of progress, harmony anddemocracy, raised by the market opening of the 1980s and thecollapse of the Soviet Union between 1989 and 1991, have turnedinto ashes."

In Europe, Brexit, the rise of ultra-right political groupsrepresented by figures like Marine Le Pen air max 2017 sale outlet , leader of France'sNational Front, and the increasingly frequent terrorist attacks areclouding Europe's further integration.

Across the Atlantic, though Washington has vowed to remaincommitted to a strong alliance between the United States andEurope, their differences over trade and climate change, as well asrelations with Russia have unnerved the European leaders, who areon tenterhooks over whether U.S. President Donald Trump has anyinterest in maintaining his role as the "leader of the freeworld."

However, the deeply-challenged Anglo-Saxon world order stillstands only part of the Western establishment's wildest worries.What they also fret most is a theory that a rising China could stepinto America's shoes air max sale outlet , and replace the old set of rules with itsown.


In fact, the reason why China's rise has unsettled many inEurope and the United States is that the West has dominated theworld scene for so long that it is in one way or another notcomfortable with its own illusion that someone is going to take itsplace.

Thus, policy makers in the West want more than anything to reinin those they suspect as "potential usurpers," and make sure thatthey abide by the game rules the West has made.

In the 1980s, they jittered about Japan's fast economicexpansion, and hyped up a theory that the country had a secret planto take over the United States. Therefore, it would not be asurprise for the West to view China nike air max 2018 sale clearance , a country with a differentpolitical and economic system, an ever bigger challenge or even athreat.

However, the China skeptics need to understand two importantthings.

One is that China has over the past 30 plus years worked hard tointegrate itself into the international community, which is vitalfor the country to generate a huge economic success during t. Cheap Panthers Jerseys   Cheap Finland Hockey Jerseys   Cheap Czech Republic Hockey Jerseys   Cheap USA Hockey Jerseys   Wholesale Russia Hockey Jerseys   Wholesale Oilers Jerseys   Wholesale Kings Jerseys   Cheap Winnipeg Jets Jerseys   Wholesale San Jose Sharks Jerseys   Wholesale Ottawa Senators Jerseys



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