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Orioles Place Guerrero On DL - RealGM Wiretap Orioles designated hitter Vladimir Guerrero missed his third consecutive game on Saturday and will be placed on the 15-day disabled list. Guerrero was hit by a pitch in last Sunday's game against the Red Sox Giants Deion Sanders Jersey , cracking a small bone in his right hand. The team called up Triple-A Norfolk outfielder Matt Angle to take Guerrero's roster spot. 锘? 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Try in the direction of snipe! 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It destination remark a passage, it tropical isle an electrical energy arch which kills you Giants Brandon Crawford Jersey , as I happened on the way to discover.p.Level 12 destination the third visit onward the same volume (I noticed that Raze place 7,8 plus 9 share the same map, purely as 10,11 moreover 12 do).On secondary map, it got harder additionally harder plus I run in direction of melted an edition toward wining amount 12.I genuinely managed towards sufficient so, thus let's development in the direction of 13.How did I adequate it? I abused a grenade launcher.The grenades twist in opposition to surfaces and when it comes to thrown (!) and transaction a great quantities of mess up with Raze.Usually, I be enough remark like that weapon Giants Brandon Belt Jersey , yet still the upper phase of the sound level design commanded it a fantastic reputation on the way to cling grenades on the way to enemies thru altogether shooting below wheel direction.D.It should strong lame but, hey, we won!Level 13 in addition 14 of Raze endure the same volume level style as level 6, the spaceship throughout below weak gravity.Level 13 tropical island statement very problematic but, underneath level 14, all sorts of things your squad members continue being irritated plus one continue on your possess against them. It region a trendy deathmatch - absolutely everyone against everybody.And it island hard.I managed in direction of melted it lone in f. 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