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Every parent wants to get the best for his child.

Florida State University Florida State University June 1 Discount Milwaukee Bucks Jersey , 2012 | Author: | Posted in Education
Article by Water Henry

Feminist critics of Renaissance drama and culture have argued that the marginality of women is sometimes potentially disruptive. Early modern woman had the power, through disobedience, to subvert the cultural expectations placed upon her, while reminding the patriarchy of her absolute necessity. This assertion seems a more fitting description of the female characters and diarists who Links Of London Charms enacted and constructed early modern maternity, and who is eloquently and insightfully discussed in this important volume of essays.

Moncrief and Mc Pherson’s collection fills a critical gap in the study of women’s history. But this collection would appeal not only to readers of women’s history and Renaissance cultural studies, but also to those who are interested in Shakespearean criticism and the politics of social performativity. The importance of this collection is immediately signalled when the editors set out their argument in the introductory essay: ‘that maternity both public and private, physically embodied and enacted must be considered per formative and that the maternal body, as a result Discount Minnesota Timberwolves Jersey , functions as a potent space for cultural conflict, a site of imagination and contests’. Further to this, the volume achieves its aims of demonstrating the way in which male playwrights and authors of midwifery and child-rearing texts self-consciously present the performativity of the reproductive body. The essays in this volume draw attention to the variety of texts that contributed to early modern conceptions of maternity, which, as the editors point out, is not strictly bound to childbirth and pregnancy, but also to Links Of London Bracelets a wide range of related areas, such as ‘spirituality Discount New Orleans Pelicans Jersey , medicine and health, politics, the supernatural, as well as the many and complex facets of gender’. Hence this volume does well to identify maternity not just as a biological fact, but, more potently, as an ideological and epistemological phenomenon worthy of deeper, more weighted consideration.

The essays are usefully grouped into four sections: ‘The Performance of Pregnancy’ Discount New York Knicks Jersey , ‘The Performance of Maternal Authority’, ‘The Performance of Maternal Suffering’ and ‘The Performance of Maternal Erasure’. The essays in the first section, ‘The Performance of Pregnancy’ draw important parallels between the dramatic texts that display the pregnant body and those that attempt to regulate or manage it. They draw our attention to the intertextuality of early modern discursive representations of pregnant bodies and their dramatic counterparts. Equally, they focus our attention towards the political structures that helped to define and shape perceptions of maternity and femininity more generally. In his essay on The Duchess of Malfi, Sid Ray argues that the heroic stature of the Duchess is largely connected to her repeated pregnancies, which manifest as visually potent assertions of her femininity.

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Corporate parties can prove to be a good source of motivation and a nice way for the co workers to loosen up a little bit. New year parties have always been a hit and something which the employees look forward to attend. Apart from acknowledging the good work, it gives a chance for the company to make their employees feel values and motivated.

Here are few useful tips which prove to be quite beneficial while planning a New Year corporate party:

Be particular about choosing the venue:

The employees spend about 40 hours in a week in the office premises. Selecting a different venue can prove to be a good decision. To make the event memorable try picking up the venue which is especially for parties.

If you’re a small business Discount Oklahoma City Thunder Jersey , consider joining with other companies to hold a bigger party, or take a tablearea in a larger space which is hosting a shared New year event.
Entertainment options
How will you entertain your guests? If the venue has a dance floor, then you can hire a DJ and that pretty much solves the entertainment aspect. However, there are far more choices. Have you considered a live band? This can be a classical or contemporary R&B band depending on the vibe you’re aiming for. You can also hire comedians, musicians, acrobat performers, etc. Quality entertainment comes at a price, and allowing a decent budget for good entertainment was a top priority.
Food and Catering
The venue may have its own catering department. If so Discount Orlando Magic Jersey , then that takes care of the food. Some people, however, may opt for a third-party food vendor. Be sure to check with the venue to see if this is okay. Some venue rental policies include a surplus fee if you use an outside catering company besides its own food service. Food options are diverse and you can always customize it as per your requirements. You should also decide between a buffet or single-course meal.

Few things to consider:
·Let people suggest and vote for venues and entertainment options
·Start planning early to make sure you get a great venue
·Provide a realistic budget for good entertainment
·Ditch the dress code for a more relaxed, casual atmosphere
·Provide transport to and from the venue, particularly if it’s difficult to get to
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