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Hot Trends in Colorful Sneakers Published: 16.07.2009 | Author: deniseatwood97 | Category: Shoes
When you walk into a room Wholesale Authentic MLB Jerseys , you can never go wrong with a dramatic entrance. Let’s make it happen with a fabulous pair of colorful sneakers! Mom always said never to be afraid of a little color. Whether it’s just a dash, or the whole shoe, we’re spotting the hottest trends in colorful sneakers, to make sure you make a splash!

If you say sneakers, you generally hear Chuck Taylors. A true classic when it comes to shoes, these rubber soled, Converse, canvas-covered lace-ups have made a serious come back on the fashion front. Easily spotted in their typical white or black colors, why not spice them up a bit in Oasis Green Wholesale MLB Jerseys Free Shipping , or a patchwork quilt design? These colorful sneakers offer a unique fashion kick to an American classic. If you aren’t looking for a textured or “busier” design, these puppies come in every hue–from orange to bright pink, purple to sky blue, you cannot go wrong with this on-fashion trend. Spotted on celebrities from Lauren Conrad to Kate Walsh, Converse certainly offers a solid, super trendy choice for those seeking colorful sneakers that aren’t too crazy!

The next big name we’re checking out is Vans. If you’re in the mood for truly colorful sneakers that add a little kick and a lot of personality, Vans is the brand for you. Whether you’re into high tops or low, lace-up or slide-one, shocking pink or a Brazilian inspired yellow and green Wholesale MLB Jerseys Cheap , Vans has a colorful sneaker look for just about everyone. Its very distinct thick rubber sole and canvas look has taken the younger set by storm. The partial or all checkered pattern is extremely popular among ‘skateboarders’ and young ‘alternative’ crowds across the country. If you don’t feel that checkers or fluorescent hues are quite your style, not to worry! With ultra cute star and heart patterns, you can find a fun and flirty style that suits you. In fact, I proudly own a pair of cartoon-style colorful balloon designed fabric. And, I promise you at least one compliment every time you wear your pair of colorful sneakers from Vans! (Everyone loves a little fun!)

Another trend we’ve been spotting with colorful sneakers is a growing swing towards fun patterns. Whether you’re style leads you more towards the Lands End-inspired NorthStyle plaid lace-ups, or a funky skater-tinged fluorescent leather print from PunkRose, patterns are certainly back. The nice thing about a really funky patterned colorful sneaker is that you can pair it with an understated outfit (think jeans and a white t-shirt), and make a huge fashion splash with just your feet! Colorful sneakers are a great way to showcase your style without overwhelming your adoring fans!

But, it’s true. I’ll admit: patterns aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a little more grown-up colorful sneaker (no Wholesale Cheap MLB Jerseys , it isn’t an oxymoron!), Keen’s Coronado Sneaker is a great example of a classic and adult version. Available in navy, red, and taupe, these simple rubber soled, canvas sneakers features a grey rubber siding that contrasts nicely with its partnering off-white rubber. It laces up much like a Converse Chuck Taylor, but Keen’s ultra rounded toe and contrasting colored base make it distinct.

These top trends reflect a pattern in courage to wear the colorful sneakers that you really love. Whether you’re into fluorescent colors, intricate patterns, or just a splash-worthy color on a classic Chuck Taylor Wholesale MLB Jerseys From China , the trends all point to one thing: don’t worry what others think. Choose the shoe that feels right to you! And, don’t forget to pair a really ritzy take with a subdued or blank slate type of outfit.

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